This is FESIL

The FESIL Group is among the world's leading producers of ferrosilicon. The production plant FESIL Rana Metall AS is located in Mo i Rana, Norway.

Special products, including granulated and refined qualities, make up the bulk of the production. The plant is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The Group has a significant trading business with a whole variety of metal alloys which are handled by FESIL Sales AS, with sales subsidiaries in Germany, Luxemburg, Spain, USA, CIS and China.

Energy and environment

FESIL AS processes natural resources as electric power, coal, ore and minerals into important industrial products for the need of this and future generations. The production site is located in Mo i Rana.

The FESIL manufacturing technology and products make a contribution to improve the global environment. The Ferro alloy producers in Norway face the most rigid environmental regulations. The emission of greenhouse gases pr ton from FESIL's production of ferrosilicon is among the lowest in the world.

Ferrosilicon production is an energy intensive process. At the production site the energy recovery represents approx. 30 % of the electricity input. Recovered energy is used for district heating as well as other industrial processes. Energy recovery in the FESIL production unit contributes to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

FESIL has a goal to perform with a lowest possible strain on health and environment by efficient operation throughout the value chain.

Wide Product range

FESIL offers a unique and complete range of qualities within its field, – and is technologically in the forefront. To an outsider the production process may seem simple, but at FESIL's quality levels, the know-how and equipment required is on a par with any other "high-tech" operation. The ISO 9001 certification applies not only to the plants, but also to FESIL's sales companies and logistical systems.

Close to You

FESIL is a major supplier in the international markets. Through six sales outlets in the EU, – FESIL's home market, – and one in Tokyo, it is easier to keep a close dialogue with customers of various categories. Most of the sales, including the Group's agencies and trading, are made through these companies.

Reducing your Risk – Cutting your Cost

– Have you ever received material out of specification? – Have you experienced late delivery? FESIL has put considerable efforts into developing a reliable transport and storage system. Our goal is to secure that our customers are satisfied with FESIL as their supplier.

Can you afford risky business? Let us help reduce your risk.